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Sex Nerd (HNT)

Me in my “Sex nerds KNOW how to do it” shirt by Audacia Ray

I have wanted this shirt forever and a half, and I finally ordered it for myself not too long ago (though a while ago, but getting it was delayed due to holidays and moving and such) and I just got it today! I thought it would make a perfect HNT picture, so here it is.

Since my other posts recently have been super long, I’m keeping this one short. Enjoy!


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  1. Miss KissThis

    Awesome shirt!

    Happy HNT :)

    Miss KissThis’s last blog post: HNT

  2. Nerds of a feather stick together? I’d say yes- yes we do. :)

    Sleeping Dreamer’s last blog post: HNT – about to take a shower

  3. I absolutely love it – and want one for myself. :)


    Monkey’s last blog post: #168

  4. Callaigh

    Eeee! Very nice.

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