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Outside of this blog I am currently finishing up a Master's degree to help me launch into my career as a Gender & Intimacy Coach and Somatic Sexuality Educator. I am passionate about working with people of all bodies, genders, sexualities, and relationship styles to help them move toward experiencing the (sex) life of their dreams.



Microfantasy Monday – Standing

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: it’s all about standing up.

I shiver softly as the scissors work up my back, cutting away what little fabric still covered me from view, slashing up the back of my dress and across the short sleeves so that it falls to the floor. Underneath, now exposed, my lace garter belt still clings to the quivering skin, accentuating and framing all the right places. The scissors cut my bra, too, the straps and back hanging down while the cups are the only things keeping my breasts from pressing bare against the cold wall the way my arms already were as they were splayed out at my sides.

She presses the cool leather between my thighs, nudging them apart, and I begrudgingly oblige so that my cunt is exposed to the air. Widening my stance requires me to slide down the wall a bit which shifts the bits of bra still hanging and catches her attention, she reaches a hand and tugs the soft material away, pressing her clothed groin against my ass and grinding softly as she bites my neck, tossing the bra away. I moan and shiver again, this time from excitement rather than the cold, her body warming me as it teases me. Again she puts the handle between my legs, this time pressing the handle against my cunt, making me grind down against it as she tsks softly at me.

“Not yet, pet.” She croons in an amusement-laced tone. “There’s plenty of that to come. But first…”

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6 Responses to “Microfantasy Monday – Standing”

  1. This is a lovely scene…the slow cutting away of clothes (or quick violent ripping away of clothes, for that matter) is so incredibly hot.

  2. Dragon Mage says:

    Damn, that’s hot. ^_^

  3. NookieNotes says:

    I love the scissors. i wrote an entire story about scissors one day… Hmmm. May need to drag that out and dust it off.

  4. @NookieNotes, Thanks! I definitely need to get some safety sheers and play out some scissor fun. I can’t say I’ve ever had my clothes cut off of me, or cut the clothes off of someone else, but I think I would love it!

  5. @Dragon Mage, Thank you! *grin*

  6. @Panthera Pardus, Thank you, darling! I highly agree. Now I just need to find some clothes I don’t mind getting cut and play this out. Rawr.


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