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Happy Birthday to Me – Have Some Presents!

from cakecentral

Today is my birthday, and since I love giving as much as I love receiving I decided to have a massive contest and give away tons of great products!!!

I asked just about every company I’ve worked with to be involved and got an overwhelming response! Pink Cherry, Babeland, Tabu Toys, Tantus, Ophoria, SexToy.com, and Lust Cosmetics all jumped at the chance to sponsor this huge birthday giveaway and I’m still waiting to hear from a few others so there may be even more prizes before the contest is over!

The Prizes

Bare As You Dare Harness AND Beautifully Bare Wet Naturals Lube from Tabu Toys! The BAYD Harness is one of my Top Toys, I absolutely love this small yet sturdy and versitile harness so I wanted to give one away. The Beautifully Bare lube is a great paraben- and glycerin-free lube You can read my BAYD Harness review here and my Beautifully Bare review here.

LELO Bob from PinkCherry Sex Toys! If you know me at all you know I’m a sucker for LELO products, Bob is also one of my Top Toys and a great cute little butt plug! You can read my review here.

Beyond No 3 from Ophoria! The Beyond No 3 has the esteemed place in my heart of being the first toy to give me a g-spot orgasm. It’s that good. It’s also one of my Top Toys and you can watch and read my review here.

Candy Apple Wrist Restraints from Babeland! (Note: Babeland only ships domestic). These are wonderful and gorgeous, I’m tempted to keep them all for myself but I would rather see a lucky winner get them!

Three mini-kits (three items each) from Lust Cosmetics who I haven’t actually worked with before but am going to have the ability to try the products I’m giving out as well. Ever since reading DominaDoll’s review I’ve been curious.

SIX products from Tantus! From left to right above:

  1. Alumina Motion – a gorgeous double-ended aluminum dildo. (Size: 1″ to 1 3/8″ diameter, 8.25″ long).
  2. Curve – Tantus’ newest dildo with a wider harness-compatable base and ridges along the g-spot curved toy. I own one and it’s wonderful though I’ve not yet reviewed it. (Size: 1 3/8″ diameter, 6″ long)
  3. Techno (Peacock color) – a gorgeous harness-compatable dildo/vibrator. The peacock color is possibly my favorite Tantus color. (Size: 1 3/8″ diameter, 7″ length)
  4. Acute (Pink Pearl color) – a g-spot curved hareness-compatable dildo (Size: 1.25″ diameter, 5″ long)
  5. Infinity Small (Pink Pearl color) – A cute little butt plug with a great tapered base (Size: 1.25″ diameter, 4″ long)
  6. Infinity Large (Pink Pearl color) – A slightly larger version of the Infinity (Size: 1.5″ diameter, 4.8″ long)

Wet Together Lube from SexToy.com! A lube designed for couples (there’s a “his” and “hers”), you can read Red’s review for a better idea of it.

ID Glide and ID Juicy Wild Cherry from PinkCherry Sex Toys! Both come in handy pump bottles which seems far superior to the squeeze bottles of old.

How To Enter

There are three ways for you to enter and the more you enter the more chance you have of winning!

Tweet about it
If you have a twitter account simply post:
RT @ScarletStSyr To celebrate my birthday I’m giving away some gifts to YOU! For rules & more info: http://twurl.nl/a8zwyu RT to enter!
Your tweet MUST include @ScarletStSyr otherwise I won’t see it. Feel free to change around the text a bit as long as it still includes “RT @ScarletStSyr” something about the contest and the “http://twurl.nl/a8zwyu” it will be counted. Only one RT per day (between 12am and 11:59pm Pacific Time) will be counted.

on this post, the contest info post on Wanton Lotus Reviews, or the info post on Pleasurists. Tell me about a sexy birthday experience you had or would like to have. You may comment up to three times total on one or more blogs but each comment must be a different experience/desire.

Give me a gift!
I’m not talking about buying me something, no no! Send me a virtual gift of some sort: a dirty limerick featuring me, send me a picture of the two of us photoshopped together or some other image-based entry, an erotic story featuring me, anything that you want to gift! Physical or monetary presents will not be accepted for the contest. Since I don’t want to be too greedy only one gift per person will be accepted. Email your gifts to lotus AT scarletstsyr.com or DM or @reply me with them on twitter.


The greatest number of entries one person could have is twenty-five (25). Once an individual has won something they are ineligible to win further prizes.

Not all ways of entering are created equal. For each tweet you will be entered once (up to fourteen times), for each comment you will be entered twice (up to three times), and for each “gift” you will be entered five times (once). Think of it like your name being put in a hat each of those times so the more times you are entered the greater chance you have for your name being pulled!

The deadline to enter is Monday July 13th at noon Pacific Time however prizes will start being given out on Monday July 6th. Prizes will be given out once a day starting July 6th until all prizes are gone.

You must be willing to give me your address if you win (obviously).

Finally, a big huge thank you to the companies who are sponsoring this contest!


Polyamorous to Polyfidelitous


Pleasurists #35


  1. jenni

    For my next birthday I want to have a g-spot orgasm fom Ophoria No 3!!

  2. I’ve never had a sexy birthday experience, but one I’d like to have would to have my boys D & A cater to me for the entire day, sexually and otherwise. I want to be pampered and made to orgasm numerous times. I might even be nice & let them come at least once. ;-)
    .-= Eliot´s last blog ..Microfantasy Monday #35 =-.

  3. Emily

    Happy Birthday! I love giving away stuff for my birthday. As a kid we always donated a book to the library every year for my birthday but this is definitely more exciting.

  4. molly

    The one time I had sex on my birthday was…less than inspiring, so here is what I would like to do:

    Order in a pizza with the boy, and eat pizza and drink champagne in bed, maybe watch a movie. And afterwards have some insanely hot sex! Rather simplistic, but it would be great. Of course, since I’ve never been tied up in bed (but am rather eager to try it) adding that would be a fan-fucking-tastic birthday present.

  5. Emily

    Oh yeah and I forgot to mention yesterday, I love your blog. I was in a triad for a while a couple years ago and couldn’t find any resources and felt alone with no role models or support system. I have since found your blog. Thanks.

  6. girlupfish

    Okay, I totally found this through Miriam from Feministing, and it was so appropriate to recent purchases and memories that I had to participate! It’s so rare I get to brag publicly about some of the awesome sex I have had, haha.

    So, both me and my friend both turned 23 within a day of each other. We decided to hold a joint party of all our friends at our favorite bar. This friend and I had just recently begun experimenting with (what we discovered was) our awesome bisexuality through threesomes with my bisexual boyfriend, and we were ready to try some larger-group sex. We talked to friends we thought would be interested about an exclusive sexy afterparty, and managed to get together a fivesome (m/m/f/f/f) that lasted well into the next morning, utilized our Candy Apple restraints from Babeland (so soft and sexy!), caused my nose ring to fall out, and resulted in many sexy bruises on our necks, thighs, and breasts.

    So, basically, all you commenters who want an orgy for your birthday should totally hit me up for tips, tricks, and maybe even a partner?! =D

  7. Bee

    For my 25th birthday, I threw a cocktail party. One of my old college buddies, J, the one I’d always wanted to hook up with but we’d never been single simultaneously, showed up with a sexy friend he’d recently set me up with. The friend, B, brought a bag full of rope, which he stashed in my bedroom, and the two of them proceeded to tease me about what could happen with me and them and the rope after the rest of the party guests left. Which they eventually did, and predictably, the three of us wound up in the bedroom. B is a pro, and taught J all kinds of interesting ways to tie me up. Being both the birthday girl *and* tied up with a bow like the present? HOT. Once I was tied up, there was no reason left not to be to be totally selfish, and the boys had wicked fun giving me (and sometimes denying me, only to eventually give me) what I wanted. It was a happy birthday indeed.

  8. lilly

    On my 18th birthday I bought my very first vibe and was totally in love with it. I named it Mr. pinky and over 6 years later he’s still chugging along! Sure could use some new toys so thanks for the contest and Happy b-day!

  9. This is making me want to plan an extra special birthday for my husband (coming up later in July!) I think I’ll debut my new jogging-toned body in a new outfit, maybe something pink. Then serve him a whipped cream covered birthday cupcake off my greatly reduced belly!
    .-= Jenna Z.´s last blog ..Am I famous now? =-.

  10. Mug-z

    Sounds fun! Happy birthday!
    Hmmm…a sexy birthday experience was the night before/morning of my 21st birthday. I had a party the night before and I was so excited because my gorgeous, sweet ex-girlfriend who I was still on good terms with was back in town that week. Since she didn’t have her own place to crash, she wound up staying with me and my new boyfriend. The three of us cuddled and crashed on my bed for several hours (since we were exhausted from the party) then woke up refreshed for several more hours of a threesome centered on me as a birthday present!

  11. earthquakepixie

    oh, I almost forgot the same kinky tupperware birthday involved these condom balloons tied to the walls. One of our friends had just bought a new nylon singletail whip and was using the condom balloons for target practice (The idea being that if you can hit a mark on the balloon repeatedly without popping it you’ve got enough control to singletail a pussy). After about 30 minutes of hitting the same spot she popped it and startled everyone in the room. We all lined up to try our hand at it. It’s not as easy as it looks and we’d all had our hands on singletails before, but once all the balloons were popped we really wanted to play with it for real.
    It felt AMAZING! Sometimes it was as light as a butterfly kiss, but other times it felt like being snapped with a rubber band. The short control practice made a HUGE difference.
    we made so much noise that neighbors started to complain
    SO much fun!!!

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