Looking back at my few Half-Nekkid Thursday pics, I realized that most of them didn’t show much (if any) skin. Especially the ones lately. And, since I have been absent from posting my HNT’s for a few weeks, I decided I wanted to come back with a bit of a bang.

While, I know, showing cleavage or even breasts in general is a little cliche for HNT, I did it anyway, mostly because I wanted to show off the new nail polish I got while up in Juneau, it matches my hair and my bedspread rather delightfully and I have dubbed it my ‘femme red’ nail polish. And, what better way to show off nail polish than to do so while cupping some beautiful (if I do say so myself) breasts? Plus, it was just the Boobiethon, and in the spirit of that I bare to you my breasts.

I also painted my toes to match, which may play a feature in next week’s HNT… though perhaps not, we shall just have to wait and see!